Where can I find me some R&S goodies?

Why HERE of course! Seriously though, see my shop for what's available! I offer two types of work: Small-Batch and One-of-a-Kind. 


My 'Small Batch Series' is a seasonal line of jewelry I design, fabricate and finish in my shop, and these designs run seasonally. I offer them here in-stock and some as made-to-order.  This collection is also available at brick-and-mortar stockists around the state (see list of these businesses HERE), and also available in a catalog to wholesale buyers. Small-batch is an annual collection that has some classic pieces I've been offering for almost a decade, and some that are new for each year.  Small-Batch work in stock is ready to ship.  Made-to-order Small-batch work I will gladly build for you and ship within the listing timeline specified.