An Ode to Montana's springtime...a Preview.

Pieces off the bench over the last few weeks have been slow and steady.  It's the first time in a long while I remember actually finding rhythm in the making.  I'm happy to bring you some of the finest hunks of Variscite I could get my little smithy hands on, of course expertly cut by my main man Merlin.  I bought these in September last year after deciding what I really needed most on my birthday...was a road trip to see Merlin, and of more of his rocks. This Variscite is stunning, and the Fox Turquoise I've used for the earrings are great quality pairs from an Instagram stone dealer I just love.  Maybe next September, the birthday muse will have me chasing Turquoise down south. 
3 Budding Variscite Necklaces, on gorgeous pattern chain. Hang at 23" long. $325 each. 
3 Seedling Earring Sets, Fox Turquoise, on French Earwires. $178 each. 
1 Golden Circle Variscite Pendant with three little spring leaves. $288.
6 Made-to-order Erryday Bangle Bracelets. $120 each. Please read below: 
I've chosen 6 Chinese Turquoise 8mm stones for this round of Made To Order Erryday Bangles.  Listings will be numbered for ease in choosing your stone.  Sizing will be explained in detail of the listing as well, and a really good tutorial in my Instagram Highlights called 'Do you Even Bangle?' is suuuuper helpful for finding your size! These bangles are stiff as a board and have NO give, so it's very important you get your size right.  I don't offer refunds or returns on these, so thank you in advance for checking your size! 
All 6 listings will be titled 'Erry'day Turquoise Bangle with Stone #_' and corresponding number.  A drop-down menu will let you choose your corresponding size. 
It's a pleasure to build these bangles.  They're tough and truly...for every day.  I've worn mine for over 6 years, and have only needed to re-shape it once after taking a gnarly fall out of a raft while coming into a quick river bank, and my bangle got 'shwonked' in the oar-locks. They're tough....just like you. 
PLEASE don't hesitate to inquire on sizing your hands.  With bangles, it's all about how fat your fist is! 
May 3rd. 6pm MST. 

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  • These are all so exquisite.

    Maureen T Shaughnessy

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