Repair & Resizing


Stuff breaks. That's just part of life! That being said, I do not repair work that is not made by me.

I stand by my craft.  I aim to build you pieces that both wear very well and stand the test of time over a life well-lived.  If your piece breaks or need repair WITHIN REASON over its lifetime, I am happy to help.  A common repair is a loose stone needing a squeeze, an ear-wire worn through, or a clasp bent outta shape.  I'm happy to order you a replacement chain if yours breaks. 

Please understand repairs can sometimes be very time consuming and therefore, I charge hourly, depending upon circumstance. I reserve the right to use my common sense here. You reserve the right to decline my services and find another willing smithy.

I am NOT responsible for pieces that have seen irrevocable damage due to mishandling or blatant disregard for care instructions. Many stones I use are soft and require a gentle hand. The designs I create keep this in mind, but a smack to a hard surface in the wrong place will ALWAYS break a stone, no matter the design. 


SOME Rings can be resized, not all.  Please understand this is a huge undertaking and is AT YOUR RISK/EXPENSE.  Resizing rings takes careful consideration, time, skill, and sometimes complete re-construction, so please understand this is a minimum $50 charge AND an hourly rate of service.  I am happy to help you with size BEFORE you make a purchase to curtail this issue. I do not resize work that is not made by me.

In extreme cases, resizing is a risk that doesn't always pan out per dedicated plan and sadly, painstaking care doesn't always mean success.  Thus is the nature of fire, silver, and studio work. I will do everything in my power to ensure a successful resize/rebuild, but as some projects go, I cannot guarantee success.  If your sizing/repair/rebuild goes south, and pieces or full project is destroyed while in progress, I am happy to refund your purchase price or recreate something for you in the same vein as your original.

SIZING QUESTIONS? For a printable ring-sizer and chart online, see this handy chart from Blue Nile online at