Repair & Resizing


Stuff breaks. That's just part of life! That being said, I do not repair work that is not made by me.

I stand by my craft.  I aim to build you pieces that both wear very well and stand the test of time over a life well-lived.  If your piece breaks or need repair WITHIN REASON over its lifetime, I am happy to help.  A common repair is a loose stone needing a squeeze, an ear-wire worn through, or a clasp bent outta shape.  I'm happy to order you a replacement chain if yours breaks. 

Please understand repairs can sometimes be very time consuming and therefore, I charge hourly, depending upon circumstance. I reserve the right to use my common sense here. You reserve the right to decline my services and find another willing smithy.

I am NOT responsible for pieces that have seen irrevocable damage due to mishandling or blatant disregard for care instructions. Many stones I use are soft and require a gentle hand. The designs I create keep this in mind, but a smack to a hard surface in the wrong place will ALWAYS break a stone, no matter the design. 

***AS IS WORK*** is something I sometimes offer, when things go sideways in the studio but I still feel like the piece could be yours, for a discount.  This kind of work is rare, and includes things like stones that may have cracked or discolored during setting, dropped on the way out of the studio, a slightly marred or scratched silver finish that can't be reworked, or a crooked setting not noticed until photography. These are just a few examples, but handmade jewelry can run the gamut of funky quirks and mistakes. This 'AS IS' work will ALWAYS be clearly labeled as such in the listing, and is offered at a lower price than it would usually retail for, due to the flaws or defects detailed in the listing, and this piece IS FINAL SALE. I only offer this when I feel like the mistake on my part may not bother you, the customer, and is still a quality item to offer.  Obviously this is a judgement call on my part, and on yours.  I hope you trust me in saying that I offer only products I stand behind, but you are purchasing a flawed piece that may need love in the future, including glue or a complete re-work, and you will be paying for any extra work in the future this piece may need. 


SOME Rings can be resized, not all.  Please understand this is a huge undertaking and is AT YOUR RISK/EXPENSE.  Resizing rings takes careful consideration, time, skill, and sometimes complete re-construction, so please understand this is a minimum $50 charge AND an hourly rate of service.  I am happy to help you with size BEFORE you make a purchase to curtail this issue. I do not resize work that is not made by me.

In extreme cases, resizing is a risk that doesn't always pan out per dedicated plan and sadly, painstaking care doesn't always mean success.  Thus is the nature of fire, silver, and studio work. I will do everything in my power to ensure a successful resize/rebuild, but as some projects go, I cannot guarantee success.  If your sizing/repair/rebuild goes south, and pieces or full project is destroyed while in progress, I am happy to refund your purchase price or recreate something for you in the same vein as your original.

SIZING QUESTIONS? For a printable ring-sizer and chart online, see this handy chart from Blue Nile online at