Jewelry CARE



Over the years, I have found that jewelry you forget you are the best kind of jewelry.  

Jewelry loves sweat, dirt, and skin!  Please! DON'T use harsh chemicals to clean your jewelry or stones in your silver.  Liver of Sulphur is a hot-water based patina I use on most all of my work, and if you use harsh chemicals, sunshine cloths, or other polishing compounds, it will rub off. Polishing agents can also potentially damage or discolor natural elements like Turquoise, Bone, and Coral.

Patinas only get better with wear, naturally highlighting the taller parts of your piece as time passes to find more contrast in the darker, more patina-ed parts of your jewelry. If you feel your piece really needs a fresh patina, just ask! I am happy to help! 

If your piece really needs a bath, all you need is a soft-bristle toothbrush, warm water, and mild hand soap.  Be careful not to scrub your stones too harshly! 

Natural hot springs can darken and change the color of sterling silver, so please be aware of this when soaking. But have no fear! Your sterling jewelry can be brushed back to it’s original shine or lovely darkened gunmetal patina at first purchase.  Just ask! I’m happy to help! 

14k Gold Fill is a hardy layer of solid 14k gold over a brass core. It is hypoallergenic and does not rub off like gold-plated jewelry.  It will stand the test of time for a fraction of the cost of solid gold.  It can also stand up to polishing cloths and cleaners, but should be used with care.  

Store your jewelry in a soft pouch or a cotton-filled box away from excessive heat and excessive light.  Some stones are sensitive to these things! 

When in doubt….

The best kind of jewelry is the kind you never take off.