Frequently Asked....



Where can I find me some R&S goodies?

Why HERE of course! Seriously though, see my shop for what's available! I offer two types of work: Small-Batch and One-of-a-Kind. 

My 'Small-Batch Series' is a line of jewelry I design, fabricate and finish in my shop, and these designs run seasonally. I offer them here in-stock and some as made-to-order. The collection is a combination of both brand-new and tried-and-true classic designs each year. 

My 'One-of-a-Kind' or OOAK collections are just that: One of a kind!  I happily and with joy build you pieces from the heart, a honor and privilege to do so.  I usually build jewelry pieces in a theme or body of work that coincides with seasons, adventures, life in Montana, and other inspirations from the natural world.  I will not retire my silversmithing journey ANY time soon, so if you are on the hunt for a piece, please check back often to see when the next OOAK collection hits the shelves!



How can I grab something OOAK online? Your shop is empty!

I love that you love my work so much THAT IT SELLS OUT! Holy wow!

I realize it is frustrating to show up here, just to see that everything is gone! I'm working on ways this can be an easier process, but currently your best bet is this:

-Make sure you're on the email list.  I offer updates, sneak peeks, sales, and sometimes early access to the shop!

-Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook.  These are the places I announce times and dates for releases!

-Make sure you have your payment information on-hand and possibly saved. You can start an account and log-in each time you visit, where you can save your profile, shipping info, and card information for faster check-out.

-Buy that magical OOAK piece you are eyeing during a shop update ONE purchase at a time, instead of filling up a cart with all your wishes.  If items sit in a cart, they can be potentially purchased while you are checking out!



Do you accept reserves? Can’t I just buy that finished piece I saw online today. Like RIGHT now?

No I do not accept reserves, and as much as I would love to just sell my work as it is finished, It would be neither fair nor professional of me to sell pieces behind closed doors, especially if it’s online already. I offer my work in batches online or as shop updates ONLY. 



What are your shipping policies? 

I proudly ship all over the world!  I am happy to offer both Domestic and International shipping via USPS. 


Orders ship within 3-5 business days of purchase, and made-to-order pieces within 14 days, unless otherwise stated in the listing. You will be notified via email once your package ships and be provided with tracking info. Postage prices are calculated upon checkout and vary based on your chosen rates and destination. Domestic orders have the choice between First Class or Priority Mail upon checkout. Domestic orders also come with $50 insurance for all Priority packages, and all packages over $200 will be insured for the purchase amount.


All international orders will be shipped Priority to ensure the protection of your piece, which can take weeks for delivery depending on your location and customs. International items will not be mailed with insurance due to the incredibly high cost. As an International customer, it is YOUR responsibility for knowing your country's import restrictions and understand that I am not responsible for any customs fees, duty fees, or applicable taxes on international purchases you might incur. 



How can I expect my jewelry to be packaged? Do you offer gift wrapping?

Everything that is shipped from my studio comes ready for gift-giving! I really enjoy wrapping up all your orders, and take great care and pride in shipping them to you. I usually ship in a box with ribbon, tissue, and a thank you note. I do not keep price tags on pieces, and do not send a purchase receipt to save on paper. I use 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard boxes, and reuse shipping materials GLADLY.  All tissue is purchased at our locally-owned bookstore, and I use a Montana-based printer for all my earring cards. I strongly believe we vote with our dollar, and I'm all about giving my other small businesses here in MT mine.



Do you do custom work?

No I don't anymore.  I've found that I work best without custom work hanging over me, and eventually, in a dusty ol' pile at the bench.  If you are in that dust, I'm so sorry for my negligence.  I'm afraid custom and I just aren't a good fit together.

If I ever DO offer custom work, it is online, in a very specific perimeter, in a very specific project with deadlines, for both your sanity and mine.  Details can be found in the listing. Finding the balance here has been a decade-long lesson I still haven't quite perfected.



Do you offer wholesale?

Absolutely, yes! I currently offer select small-batch series in a wholesale catalog for qualified buyers. Please CONTACT ME and I can get you all set up. Thanks for your interest! 



Do you teach any workshops online or in-person?

Not currently.  I find my studio to be quite tiny and don't have the space currently to take on students.  In the future this might change!



I wrote you a note/DM/email/msg/text and I still haven't heard from you. What's up with that?

I am most certainly and admittedly VERY BAD when it comes to returning calls, notes, emojis, texts, etc. and I apologize in advance.  If I replied to everything everyone wrote, I'd never get to the bench.  That's not bragging, y'all are absolutely amazing, it's just....I gotta make stuff, man!

I am best at email. If you are really looking for some correspondence, please try me there.  And then, when you hear nothing, please try again.  I'm working hard to streamline this process, for you, and for me too. DM's online are NOT a good way to contact me. If it's important, send me an email. If it's an inquiry, send me an email. If it's how awesome you think my dog is, (thanks!) send me an email.



What is Liver of Sulphur?

Liver of Sulphur is a naturally occuring material that gives hot sulphur springs their "rotten-egg" smell, and also is a fabulous way to turn silver jewelry almost black.  I use this natural chemical as a patina to change the color of my jewelry, and I finish it with a Brillo brush, much like a pan-scrubber.  This leaves my jewelry a very matte gunmetal-gray, and shows the raising and hammering of silver beautifully. This patina is NOT permanent, and will wear to a shiny silver as time passes and you wear your jewelry, wash your jewelry, and enjoy your jewelry! I am happy to re-finish your piece with this darkened patina any time at no charge, just ask! Please take a peek at Jewelry CARE for more info. 



What is Gold Fill, or 14/20?

Gold-fill is a material I have learned to love over the years! I use it in a lot of my small-batch designs for its durability and its value.  Jewelers often refer to Gold-fill as 14/20, it is a brass core with a thin (but not microscopic!) layer of 14k Gold over the top. It wears very well, doesn't rub off like gold-plating does, and is an excellent choice for folks with metal sensitivities. AND it's a fraction of the cost of solid gold with the same warm glow! I use 14k gold solder to try and match the color of the material as best I can. It's not a perfect match, but it's close!

Gold-plating is a microscopic film of 14k Gold over top of usually very cheap and icky base-metal alloys. The gold color fades, scratches off, or wears super easily and you're left with a very ugly brown base-metal, usually full of nickel. Avoid it if you can!