It took a long time for Winter to arrive. 
Like dawn cresting an overcast day.
Sun's existence a theory in heat yet felt.
A collective stepping into forwards and at the same time,
back into backwards.
An almost-dance we feel out the steps to,
both gracefully old and frightfully new.
Between Winter and her many stages.
Between grief and hers.
I stand in this December doorway
of neither here nor there,
peer in with just the bridge of my nose.
Heavy toes loaded with the weight of myself,
I feel them curl forward in anticipation,
like frost on a field due for December.
Forward momentum to begin that age-old sway.
Teetering into new. One step.
Not quite. but

I wrote this in time for the new year coming up, reflection and hesitance towards change as the theme.  I'm wondering...
How are you? How did 2021 change you? Did it at all?  Are you hesitant to jump into another year anew, or can you not wait for the excuse to do so?  I kinda waver between, but always love a good reason to do some reflection! Drop me a line in the comments about your year. What sucked? What was awesome? What makes you hesitant about 2022? What makes you excited for it?  It's always nice to know that getting stuck in the 'doorway' of another year is a fear and experience we all share! 

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