Crowheart Creative does magic for August

I've recently decided that I am wearing too many hats. And we all know I love hats! 

I'm very excited to hand of some of the visual capacity of rag and stone to a dear friend and current business coach, Katie Wood, of Crowheart Creative.  I'm sick of my half-faced-selfies and wasted afternoons editing some 'meh' images, trying to show you the best of what I've made you, all the while losing out on other parts of my studio time. It's no longer a question of visual competence as it is just a matter of time I run OUT of time in the day to do all the things I want!  I'll still be snapping photos, probably as much as previously, but will hand off the harder-to-capture 'lifestyle' stuff to miss Katie. 

Deep breath in and out. Man. It feels good to have a team. 

Without further adieu, here's a peek at a hilarious evening down by the water. Rudy lost his ever-loving mind when we paddled away in the tin boat without him, howling so desperately it caught us both completely off-guard, and ended up being one of the funniest parts of the night.  Poor baby, we broke his heart, but we laughed so so hard! (and p.s. that ring is in the upcoming shop update!)

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