Dust to Dust, hopefully figuratively...

I don't know how I've done it...

but it's been 11 years on Etsy. 

I'm partial to overthinking. 

To finding the path of least resistance. 

To executing the way in which I have the most freedom.


But lately...


I find myself asking, 

'what's next?'

as if the future were a ball of wax, 

as if I were a ephemeral bit of goo

waiting for the final drop of celestial information, 

in order to be 'BAAAAM!' 

something otherworldly. 


But, C'mon. 

It's not magic. 


I am a firm believer in fate. 

But directed. 

Effort counts. 

Digging around for answers, 

that counts. 

Fate with work-ethic. 


It pains me in so many ways

to leave Etsy, 

my first home.

I've stayed for so many reasons. 

I've loved the community. 

The ease. 

The track-record. 


But it's time. 

I'm excited. 

Let's go! 


Find me here now. 

A new chapter. 




xo Erin





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