February's Full Moon ~ Muses


 February has become a powerful month in the studio, both in practice and in inspiration.  The winter light this time of year is nearly horizontal, and if you don't pay quick attention to the sun rising from the east, you can damn near believe it never lifted over the mountains. It's also a time of hibernation. Of slowness. Of cold and dark days of snow.  I promised myself in 2022 that I would give permission to developing new creative habits, and the winter season has become a great pacemaker.  Our light in the North is limited, and so the hibernation pull is strong, but! I am drawing more.  Writing more.  Taking more time with my process.  I'm learning new things and stretching the ways I do things.  I'm collaborating.  Asking for help.  Stretching. I yearn for a horizon of creative freedom and a timeline that feels equally free. And so I'm pushing myself to find those edges, and the wintertime quiet has been an unfolding and beautiful place to develop all this new-ness. This collection has been a slow burn since the Winter solstice way back in December, where the longest day in our northern hemisphere felt like a call to diving in, and diving deep.  It's been a deep winter nap, and then a rush to create, and the dance between.

I have always been inspired by the feminine power of women in their best light, one where strength and grace and feminine divine collide, and for some reason, the winter light of my friend Jamie's cabin captured this magic so well. I can't get enough! Drawing from our celestial landscape, and the light of a full moon bouncing off the stark white of a deep winter, it's a joy to conjure up some winter magic! If you'll remember last February, I did a similar theme and collection inspired by many things celestial. This years collection is a voice more focused on celestial femininity, but more importantly, it is an ode to beautiful women in power of their individual pursuits.  To stretching into your power, friends.  And feeling damn sexy doin' it.

I've asked some of my best lady friends to be muses for this collection.  I'm very proud of these women, and am inspired by their grit, their passion, and their sense of humor! As mothers, as friends, as cohorts and conspirators to bring this new and bright voice to light, these ladies have brought together and beautifully executed what I only could have dreamed of in years prior.  I am constantly inspired by women who exude strength AND grace.  Beauty AND grit. Depth AND drama. Sensibility AND sexuality. And damn, girls. We nailed it. I am forever grateful.

BIG thanks to Katie Wood of @crowheartcreative behind the lens, who steered this project with the lightest touch, and for my dear lady friends, who allowed the magic to be captured on camera. 


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