Tomorrow's 11am update! A preview!

The summer of 2021. What a record-breaker, a blur upon blurs, absolutely jam-packed! Here's what I've mustered, hoarded, and the blur upon blurs... for THIS August update. Thanks for being here, and see you Tomorrow morning, Friday 11am MST! A few things to note:

-Seedling Rings are size 7, 7.75, and 8.25.  Big Pinkie is an 8.75. 

-Simple Silver Hawk hoops will be available as Made-to-order in small and large sizes. Limited quantity available on those. 

-If you are LOCAL! Please use code 'LOCALPICKUP' and the site will waive your shipping. We can convene and do a drop when it's best for you! Yay! 

-Rings are not resize-able. Resizing takes considerable time, skill, and risk, and so, I kindly try not to resize pieces. I size everything AS THEY FIT, not how they run on a mandrel.  I offer a comfortable ring with the 'c' shaped shanks I build, and so they are hard to size just perfectly on a mandrel.  Trust me when I say they fit as the size intended, and listed. 

-Pieces are first come, first served. BUT. Please be in not too much a hurry you forget to put in your shipping address correctly! I've had this happen a few times this summer! Things get lost in the mail when they're not addressed correctly! I'm happy to combine shipping whenever it works, and am happy to do so after the bustle of the shop update. 

-Beaded single bracelets will be listed by length. If you don't know your size, just wrap a string to the way you'd like a beaded bracelet hang on your wrist, and measure its length!  These measurements include clasp. 

-Beaded wrap bracelets/longie necklaces measure 31" and I've updated the design to include a Lobster clasp for a much easier wrap. Considering the amount of women I saw trying to wrap these babies at music festivals this summer had me rethinking the design, so lobster it is! The 31" allows 4x wrap for a comfortable fit, but not sloppy. I love it. 

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  • Hi Erin, Love all of the pieces that you sent to me for my shop and all arrived safe and sound. I would love a few of the above pieces for me personally…Large Hawk and the large hoop w/blue tear drop… I also want the silver bangle with turquoise bracelet….

    Let me know how this works.. Amy

    Amy Bechtold

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